Technician fitting sealant

Belron is exceptional in having its own dedicated research and development division, Belron Technical. This is a team of innovators and thinkers – all focused on driving technical standards and developing innovations that break new ground in vehicle glass repair and replacement.

The team at Belron Technical is responsible for:

  • Identifying and implementing best practice techniques for vehicle glass repair and replacement
  • Developing innovative tools to ensure quality and safety
  • Carrying out research into the science behind vehicle glass damage





Every job worldwide is carried out in the same way using the tools and processes developed by Belron Technical.

This will help:

  • Ensure safety for both the technician and the customer
  • Drive technical quality to the highest standard
  • Continuously improve the service we offer our customers

We will monitor the Belron Way of Fitting to ensure that it is always ahead of technical advances, giving our technicians the tools to perform their job to the best of their ability.




Produced by the Belron Technical team, the Technician’s Handbook is highly valued by every technician. It contains everything a technician needs to know about The Belron Way of Fitting and is a reminder of all the important parts of their initial training. The Handbook incorporates feedback from technicians across the business and has been translated into over 24 languages.

Read on to discover some of the unique tools developed by Belron Technical.

At Belron, our aim is to innovate fast enough and to implement these innovations well enough to address the uncertainties of the world today. - Gerard Damski, Regional General Manager

Belron Tool Box

Belron Tool Box – Developed in 2003 as a standard tool kit for Europe, it was expanded and refreshed in 2011 to a worldwide standard tool kit.

  • Contains all the tools needed for a technician to carry out all prime jobs – currently 133 items and 5 bespoke foams to hold some of them
  • For example, the Belron Polyurethane Trimmers have been a great success since their introduction into the Belron Tool Box in 2007. We even get requests from other tool suppliers but we politely tell them that trimmers are for Belron only!
  • Accessories are added when a new car comes along which needs a special tool - most recent example is a special tool needed to remove/re-fit the interior mirror on a Mercedes SLS
  • All the tools are of very high quality from only verified suppliers
  • Always being improved and adapted as the car park changes


Ezi-Wire – standard tool for windscreen removal

  • Patented system unique to Belron
  • Has been in use for over 10 years (launched in 2003)
  • Designed to eliminate the risk of vehicle damage and give the technician the safest removal method possible
  • The thing that really sets the Ezi-Wire apart from the opposition is our Patented Dual Direction Twin Winding Spool and Slip Cutting Technology, i.e. twin spools that cut from opposite directions and allow the use of controlled “slip cutting” which enables the cutting medium to slice (travelling over the portion being cut instead of just being pulled through it) rather than just cut which is an important feature when coping with difficult jobs. This means that more jobs are done right first time, with minimal risk to vehicle or technician
  • Ergonomically safer for the technician
  • Can also be used with Fibre line – this new cutting medium makes for safer damage-free windscreen removal


1-Tek - standard tool for windscreen positioning. Provides a quick and portable method of safely and accurately lifting and positioning windscreens for right first time installation of even large windscreens with minimum risk of injury by a single technician.  

  • Patented system unique to Belron
  • A unique and superior lifting assistance device launched in 2011
  • Lightweight, transportable tool which enables a single technician to easily manoeuvre, and accurately position a replacement windscreen
  • Easy set-up
  • Can be used both right and left handed
  • Designed for effective operation with the GTS and Multi-Lifters

Used appropriately with the GTS and Multi-Lifters®, the 1-Tek can reduce the required lift force (by up to a third) and therefore allow the technician to guide and lower the windscreen precisely into the aperture. This ensures the polyurethane bonds the windscreen perfectly to the vehicle.

Not only does the 1-Tek allow for the precise positioning of the replacement windscreen, it also cuts down on the Technician's fatigue so the quality is more consistent, from the first job to the last.  An added benefit is the Technician experiences reduced back strain.

Glass Table System (GTS)

Glass Table System (GTS) - ergonomically designed to make the handling of windscreens safer for the technician and is particularly suitable for use with the 1-Tek and Multi-Lifters

  • Patented system unique to Belron
  • Made its debut at Best of Belron 2010 in Paris and launched in 2011
  • Trestle ergonomically designed to enable Technicians to lift glass with a straight back for maximum safety and right first time installation
  • Tested by UK Health and Safety executive and proven to reduce strain placed on back
  • Ergonomic open design
  • Allows safe handling and turning of even large windscreens with no bending of the back

With the windscreen positioned on the GTS, all the glass preparation can take place, including the application of polyurethane, the adhesive that bonds the windscreen to the vehicle. The Glass Table System allows the windscreen to be rotated into an upright position without the technician having to lift it into this position.

The Glass Table System also allows the technician to walk through the front gap and therefore the technician does not have to lift the windscreen awkwardly from the table. This method allows the technician to remain in an upright position with their arms relatively close to their body during the lift and is therefore more ideal compared to lifting off traditional trestle tables where the trunk is bent forward and the hands are outstretched away from the body during the lift. 


Multi-Lifters – enable the safe and right first time installation of even large windscreens by a single technician.

  • Patented system unique to Belron
  • The Multi-Lifters® reduce the strain on the technician simply by allowing him to lift from below and use both hands if required in a way that suits the human body
  • Made its debut at Best of Belron 2010 in Paris and launched in 2011
  • Why Multi-Lifters®? Because one style of lifter can perform all the functions required by the technician. Single-person lifting of smaller windscreens in the conventional fashion; far more efficient two-person lifting of larger windscreens; and ergonomically improved and safer lifting when using the 1-Tek
  • Tested by UK Health and Safety executive and proven to reduce strain placed on back
  • Ergonomic design allows user to lift with a straight back without extending arms 

Belron Vanbrella®

Vanbrella - Solving the problem of replacing glass where and when customers want us to, even in wet and windy weather!

  • Patented system unique to Belron
  • “Proof of principle” prototype was unveiled at Best of Belron 2010 in Paris
  • Launched in 2013
  • Visually powerful
  • Designed to be deployed and stored in under one minute
  • Large area of cover allowing glass preparation as well as protecting customer vehicle
  • No need to move vehicle during deployment of canopy
  • Safe to use in up to force 5 winds

When asked back in 2009 “What’s stopping us from running a true 24/7 mobile fitting service?” , Operations Support Managers’ top answer was “Weather”. In most places they meant rain and snow, but in North America, extreme temperatures are also a big problem – heat in Arizona, cold in Alaska.

Belron Technical teamed up with Autoglass® UK and Carglass® Netherlands (big mobile users) to try and find a solution to this age old problem. The result was a new approach to a mobile rain canopy which was called the Vanbrella. The first “proof of principle” prototype was unveiled at Best of Belron 2010 in Paris to great interest. Following field testing and further development, the Vanbrella was launched in 2013 and there are now over 300 in use.

The Technical Master Database (TMD)

Technical Master Database (TMD)

The Technical Master Database (TMD) is a Belron Internal database created in 2002 that covers all glass, trim, sundries and tools used within Belron. The TMD is used by call centres across the Belron businesses,  to identify the correct glass for the customer via a series of questions constructed to narrow down the search.

It contains the information required for every part used within our businesses:

  • Part numbers
  • Dimensions and weights
  • Cross reference details

The TMD is also used by fitting centres to access Vehicle Fitting Instructions for thousands of glass articles. 

Belron Diagnostic Tool

Belron Diagnostic Tool – diagnostic device to help us fit glass correctly and to support us in delivering superior quality to our customers

  • Launched in 2013
  • Created exclusively for Belron by Hella Gutmann– a German based diagnostic, products and services supplier facilitating modern motor car workshops
  • Allows recalibration of light and rain sensors and door glass pinch settings to meet the requirements of the latest vehicles
  • Also enables technicians to re-set electrical operated door glass

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