Safelite AutoGlass

Safelite® AutoGlass – diverting waste from landfill

Windscreens are not commonly recycled because they are made from laminated glass. However, windscreen replacement with Safelite® is a more environmentally friendly option for customers and in 2014, Safelite® recycled 46 million pounds of glass waste, as 1.3 million of its customers’ windscreens were recycled into insulation and carpet backing. In 2014, Safelite® increased recycling as a percentage of waste by 3 times, diverting an additional 3.5 million pounds of waste from landfill.



Autoglass® UK – targeting driver efficiency

Autoglass® has rolled out a driver efficiency tool which helps its drivers improve their driving style, fuel efficiency and safety behind the wheel.

The efficiencies achieved in its first year equate to an average saving across 1,000 vans of over 8,000 litres of fuel and over 20 tonnes of CO2 per week. 

Carglass Greece - Solar lit distribution centre

Carglass® Greece has a strategy to make the company as environmentally friendly as possible. Recently, they achieved one of their key targets: adding solar tubes to their distribution centre. The solar tubes, which replace electric lights during the daytime, are powered by sunlight and are made from cheaper and more durable materials than conventional electric lighting. As the internal electric lighting is no longer used during daylight hours the distribution centre is reducing its impact on the environment and lowering electricity costs by up to 40%.

Carglass® Belgium - reducing CO2 emissions

In May 2013 Carglass® Belgium started working on an action plan for reducing CO2 emissions for its transport and logistics operations. The plan focusses on achieving a reduction of at least 20% over a period of five years.

In 2014 Carglass® Belgium received a ‘Lean and Green’ award for their actions in the programme so far. This award is also the culmination of many initiatives already undertaken by Carglass® employees including: establishing a CO2 group; purchasing a van driven by CNG; having bikes available to employees; participating in awareness campaigns and the total renovation of one of the warehouses. 




Our approach to managing our impacts is based on three key areas: data reliability, reducing our emissions and managing our waste.

Collecting reliable and meaningful data

We rely on data to plan our journey, and to quantify and justify our actions and initiatives. Building a robust system for the collection of global environmental data is just the start of our journey to understand our impacts.

Reducing our carbon emissions

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon emissions across our operations. This includes looking at energy efficient technology for our fleet and buildings.

Managing our waste

Our major waste product is the glass which we dispose of on behalf of our customers. Our ambition is to recycle 100% of our glass waste and we consider innovative approaches and supplier partnerships in order to achieve this.

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