At Belron, we are committed to bringing the Belron Code of Ethics - Our Way of Working - to life. This is not just a programme for us; it is a set of guidelines, which inform the decisions we make at work each day and sit at the heart of how we operate our business.

The Belron Code of Ethics was developed after consultation with the country businesses. The result was an approach that reflects our key three principles – integrity, respect and trust, and recognises our regional requirements, local values and customs.


Our Way of Working

Our three core principles are not new. We demonstrate them daily in what we say and how we act. Our code of ethics helps to remind us all about what makes us successful, to make it clear for new employees and to communicate them to our business partners and suppliers who work with us.

These core principles guide the decisions and support the actions of everyone at Belron, wherever they are in the world.

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These core principles are:


We build confidence with others through what we say and what we do


We demonstrate consideration for each other and for our environment


We are consistent in our actions, morals and methods, ensuring things are done the right way at all times.

Compliance with our code of ethics as established in Our Way of Working is not optional and all employees must be familiar with the code. They are expected to act in accordance with its guidance at all times.

Employees are encouraged to speak up with any ethical concerns they may have. While we encourage any concerns to be raised within the local country we do have an external and independent speak up line available.

This speak up line is for all employees to use. This has been established as an independent, confidential resource to raise concerns about ethics within the business, or to make a report when it is felt that a law or the principles in this code are being broken. The Speak Up line is managed independently by an external company with staff who understand Our Way of Working and are trained to deal with your call.


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