April 2014: Future Snippets 9

Land Rover unveils "transparent" bonnet technology

Land Rover has unveiled an Augmented Reality system that makes the front of the car virtually invisible to the driver, revealing the terrain below. Cameras at the front of the vehicle send a live feed to a head-up display (HUD) in the windshield to create the illusion.

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March 2014: Future Snippets 8

Latest on Advanced Driver Assistance Devices

Autonomous cars are much closer than you might think! They are no longer a futuristic technology destined for 3014 but very real and if the vehicle manufacturers are to be believed, very close to production.

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January 2014: Future Snippets 7

Transparent stick-on screens

Researchers at MIT and Harvard University (US) have come up with a new transparent display that can be stuck on to any window to form a display for moving images.

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October 2013: Future Snippets 6

Google files patent for gesture-based vehicle controls

A recent article by Engadget has revealed that Google has filed a patent for an in-vehicle gesture recognition system. Google’s proposed system relies on both a ceiling-mounted depth-camera and a laser scanner that would track your movements while driving allowing you to to make adjustments to a wide range of controls using gestures...

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