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Kirill Volocheikin

Kirill Volocheikin

  • Country: Russia
  • Location: Moscow Service Centre
  • Length of service: 6 years

How did you feel after winning your national competition?
“I was proud to win in Russia. It was a tense competition but I stayed calm which helped me to win!”

How are you preparing for the international final?
“Just doing the job in the right order, following the procedures and using the trainer tips.”

What is the best part of your job?
“The quality of my work, my speed at getting the job done and paying attention to customer’s requests.”

How do you feel you make a difference in your role as a technician?
“I’m improving my skills continuously and drawing on all my experience from every job I do.”

What makes Belron® a special place to work for you?
“Belron® has given me the chance to do what I like to do.”

What makes you the best of Belron®?
“I’m continuously improving my skills and using all of my experience for every job.”

How do you like to spend your leisure time?
“I like to spend time meditating and studying.”

What’s the one thing you could not live without?
“My family and friends of course.”