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Leo Benz

Leo Benz

  • Country: Germany
  • Location: Bad Kissingen Service Centre
  • Length of service: 10 years

How did you feel after winning your national competition?
“I was so happy!”

How are you preparing for the international final?
“I am living the requirements, the global standards of Belron®, the assessments and the Belron® Way of Fitting. I am also doing fitness training.”

What is the best part of your job?
“Variety - every job is different, every customer unique.”

How do you feel you make a difference in your role as a technician?
“I really enjoy working at Carglass® and I think that shows in my work.”

What makes Belron® a special place to work for you?
“The great working environment. Belron® is a modern and innovative company with its continuous employee development, structures and tools.”

What makes you the best of Belron?
“I am not the best yet, but my goal is to become Belron’s best technician by winning the competition in Frankfurt.”

How do you like to spend your leisure time?
“I like playing soccer, mountain biking and skiing.”