Previous Winners

Rick Beasley, Best of Belron 2018

Rick beat 29 fellow Belron technicians from across the world to take the top title after two days of tense competition at the Messe Frankfurt in Germany.

Rick who works for Kenosha Service Centre in Wisconsin and has been with Safelite for 17 years was completely overwhelmed receiving the award from Belron CEO Gary Lubner: “I’m still in shock!” exclaimed Rick. “I’ll be in shock for another three days. It’s great to get a back-to-back win for the USA.”

Rick was joined by his wife, Kristen: “It’s been an incredible journey and I’ve been at his side all the way. I am so proud of him!” she said smiling.

Gary Riebesehl, Best of Belron 2016

Gary Riebesehl from our Safelite® business in the USA, won the title Best of Belron 2016, after winning the global competition in Lisbon.

At the time of the 2016 competition, Gary worked in the Melbourne, Florida Branch. He has worked for Safelite® for eighteen years and is now coaching the 2018 US competitor.

Robin Bogdanowicz, Best of Belron 2014

At the time of the Best of Belron 2014 competition, Robin was a branch technician.

Following the event, Robin became involved in coaching and training new technicians and is now a Technical Support Specialist.

Robin's best memory of the competition: "when I received the award form Gary Lubner, he told me I had scored 100% for his windscreen replacement which has never been done before at Best of Belron. That was an unforgettable experience!"

Steve Marelli, Best of Belron 2012

At the time of the Best of Belron competition, Steve was a technician in Lincoln branch.

Following the event Steve joined the Autoglass® UK Technical training team promoting the Belron Way of Fitting, enjoying sharing best practice with his colleagues. Steve is now the Operations District Manager in the East Region of Autoglass® UK.

His best memory of Best of Belron 2012: "handing the keys back to the judge after the windscreen replacement knowing I'd given the whole competition or lose it didn't matter at that point but winning was the cherry on top".

Benoît Deckers, Best of Belron 2010

Benoît worked as Assistant Worksplace Responsible in the Customer Delight Center in Ans at the time of Best of Belron. He was then promoted to Workplace Responsible in 2011.

His best memory of the Best of Belron 2010: " the appreciation and the trust I received from the team of technical trainers after the job was completed. I felt that there was no doubt about my performance, which gave me a great, warm feeling. Once on stage, I was really impressed".

Nick Nieuwenhuize, Best of Belron 2008

In 2008, Nick Nieuwenhuize was a Technician at the branch in Ede. After winning Best of Belron he took on a new role as Technology Coordinator and the majority of his time is now spent at the Carglass Netherlands national training facility, instructing new technicians to repair and replace vehicle glass.

His best memory of the Best of Belron 2008: "when Gary Lubner, Belron CEO announced that I was the winner of the competition. I felt full of pride when all of my colleagues from the Netherlands and across the world started cheering.

Thomas Heuser, Best of Belron 2006

At the time of the competition in September 2006, Thomas was a Technician at Neuss branch in Germany. Since January 2007 he has been Technical Coach (TECO) for the Cologne area.

His best memory of the competition: "being on the stage with my colleagues from all over the world and seeing that, except for the different languages, we are all the same".

Willy Florquin, Eurofitter 2004

Willy was a Mobile Technician at Leuven branch in Belgium at the time of the competition. After becoming Best of Belron 2004 he spent two years as a Commercial Repair Specialist and then in 2006 he joined Belron Technical as Product Support and Training Manager.

His favourite memory of the competition: "the moment all the contestants were on the stage, the announcement of the winner, and sharing this with the Belgian team".

Frederic Bruno, Eurofitter 2002

Frederic was the Senior Technician at Wavre branch in Belgium at the time of the competition. He then went to work as Senior Technician in a larger branch in his home town of Mons. Since 2006 he has been the Branch Commercial Employee.

His best memory of the competition: "being able to share a very intense moment with my colleagues from all over Europe and Canada".

Frank Claes, Eurofitter 2000

At the time of the competition Frank was the senior fitter at Hasselt branch in Belgium. Since winning the competition he has spent two years working for the Technical Department as a Technical Trainer and has also been a Branch Manager at Genk. He is currently Key Branch Manager at Herentals and and is also responsible for the Turnout satelite branch. As well as managing these branches, he is responsible for mobile dispatching for the Antwerp region.

His best memory of the competition: "the adrenaline rush and the positive stress. There was a kick to be the best and the recognition to do the job right".