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Fredrik Bjerke Rødningsby

Fredrik Bjerke Rødningsby

  • Country: Norway
  • Location: Oslo

Fredrik Bjerke Rødningsby works in the Asker Branch near Oslo in Carglass® Norway. Fredrik has worked for the business for 4 years.

What is the best part of your job?
“The best part of my job is my colleagues, and a good working environment.”

How did you feel after winning your national competition?
“I was very happy and extremely excited after winning the national competition”

What makes you the best of Belron?
“I am the best of Belron because I don’t get stressed easily. I’m calm when under pressure and I have a high technical understanding.”

How do you like to spend your leisure time?
“I like spending time working out with friends and playing soccer.”

What is your favorite car?
“My favourite car is a Ferrari 488 GTB.”

What will you do with the prize money if you win Best of Belron 2016?
“If I win best of Belron I will buy an apartment.”