Allimex Industrial Projects
Allimex is responsible for the product development in cooperation with the customer. No knickknacks, but high-end products, special profiles, windscreen moldings, and parts from metal or plastic. We do this already for various industrial customers in Europe and the USA , from suppliers, assemblers to end customers with products ready for sale.

We guarantee the same product with improved quality and price, through reverse engineering, by technical drawing and delivery at the customer location, the "All-in principle", without worries for the customer. ALLIMEX does a proper screening of the manufacturer, local markets and governments, according to the setting up of a high-quality manufacturing and supplying a high quality product.

Plastic parts
We only work with certified materials suitable for the European market. For each project the development and the most cost-effective mold design for Molding, 1K, 2K, Extrusion and more.

The product development is done in-house for the entire process, from design to quality control, in order for the customer to obtain the most optimal end product.

Custom projects and assembled end products

For these specials or projects, we go one step further than just the production of one product. Design, engineering, R & D, material improvement. ALLIMEX is your partner in the development of a reliable solution for your project.

ALLIMEX only collaborates with companies that comply with safe working conditions, don’t work with toxic products and eliminate child labor. We subject all suppliers to an in-depth audit. The Code of Conduct is very important to us. 

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