Hella Gutmann

HellaGutmann Solutions GmbH, Ihringen: The company with about 450 employees and whose head office is in Ihringen/Breisach, Germany is part of the HellaGutmann Group which is a corporation of HELLA KGaAHueck& Co.

The product range focuses on professional equipment for auto repair shops, car dealerships and vehicle testing agencies. Core products are data, software and devices for vehicle diagnosis, exhaust emission tests, AC service, headlight aiming, system checks as well as the corresponding measuring technology. About 45,000 automotive companies in 24 countries are working every day with the shop equipment and professional expertise of HellaGutmann Solutions. They benefit from the high quality standards which Germany is renowned for and customer-oriented services like the Technical Call Center, Technical Training, Technical Data or Sales & Marketing support.

HELLA KGaAHueck& Co., Lippstadt: HELLA, a global, family-owned company listed on the stock exchange, has about 32,000 employees ataround 100 locations in more than 35 countries.

The HELLA Group develops and manufactures lighting and electronic components and systems for the automotive industry. HELLA also has one of the largest trade organizations for automotive parts, accessories, diagnosis, and services in Europe. Complete vehicle modules, AC systems, and vehicle electrical systems are also produced in joint venture companies. With more than 6,000 employees working in research and development, HELLA is one of the key innovation drivers on the market. In addition, with preliminary sales of approx. 5.8 billion euros in the fiscal year 2014/2015, the HELLA Group is among the top 40 automotive parts suppliers in the world and part of the 100 largest German industrial companies.

To find out more about Hella Gutmann, visit: www.hella-gutmann.com.