1. Set a Goal as an individual or as a group. Your goal should be stretch / push / extend / you or your team but should also be achievable! Once you start to get close to your goal celebrate, tell us and then raise it!
  2. Start Early! The sooner you start asking for donations the more time you will have to collect donations and the more money you will raise for a fantastic cause!
  3. Get Personal & Get people talking! Use your network of colleagues, friends and family to promote your challenge. Post updates on facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram with a direct link to your fundraising page. People want to know about you! Why are you / your team taking up the challenge? Why do you want to raise money for Afrika Tikkun?
  4. Creativity is the key! Ask people to check the back of their sofas for spare change, give them a piggy bank to put their spare change in, get sponsored for each mile / kilometre you train, hold a bake sale, hold a raffle, have a quiz, do some face painting, have a dinner party, have a pamper party, dress down day or a dress up day! The possibilities are endless!
  5. Say thank you! Remember to say a big THANK YOU to all the generous people who support you, make sure that they know the difference they will making to the beneficiaries of Afrika Tikkun.

What We Stand For

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