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This year, Belron employees, friends and family will once again come together to compete in the Spirit of Belron Challenge, raising money for Afrika Tikkun.




  • Olympic triathlon: 1.5km swim / 40km bike / 10km run (team and individual event)
  • Sprint triathlon: 750m swim / 20km bike / 5km run (team and individual event)
  • Super Sprint triathlon: 400m swim / 10km bike / 2.5km run (individual event only)
  • Duathlon: 5km run / 20km bike / 5km run (individual event only)
  • Half Marathon: 21km run (individual event only)
  • Team-relay marathon: 42.2km run (teams of 3 or 4) **NEW for 2017**
  • 5km race: (individual event only)
  • Scootathon: Scooter event for children (distance/duration will be age appropriate so all children can take part, and will be advised after registration) 

New for 2017 is the team-relay marathon - here's some more info:

This event is a 42.2km running race that has to be completed in teams of 3 or 4. The laps are 2.6km each (Just over 16 laps need to be completed). This event can be completed any way you like e.g. team members can contribute different distances, or each team member can run just 2.6km at a time and keep rotating etc. The only rules are that it has to be done as a team and as a relay race. NB: there is one relay baton per team which must be carried by the runner on the course, and only one member of the team can run at a time.


Please be aware that it is possible the timings below may change.

The schedule for the day
07:00 Registration and transition opens at Dorney Lake
09:15 Gary Lubner's Welcome, cheque presentations and group photograph
10:00 Half Marathon
10:15 Team-relay Marathon
10:30 Olympic Distance Triathlon Wave (all competitors - individuals and teams)
10:50 Duathlon (all competitors)
11:00 5km race (all competitors)
11.45 Sprint Distance Triathlon Wave 1 Male Individuals
12:15 Sprint Distance Triathlon Wave 2 Female Individuals
12:45 Sprint Distance Triathlon Team Wave (Swimmers, both team and individuals double chipping)
12:00 Scootathon* begins (12:00 10-15year olds, 12:20 5-9year olds and 12:40 4s and under)
13:30 Super Sprint Distance Triathlon Wave 1 (individual male)
13:30 Super Sprint Distance Triathlon Wave 2 (individual female)
13:35 Scootathon continues at 13:00, 13:20 and 13:40)
14:00 Scootathon continues at 14:00, 14:20 and 14:40)
15:00 Depart venue
19:00 Medal ceremony and raffle draw at the Beaumont

*There is no need to book the scootathon. It will run on the hour for 10 to 15 year-olds, 20 past the hour for 5 to 9 year-olds and 40 past the hour for 4s and under. 

**IMPORTANT: there will be a race briefing 15 minutes before the start time of each wave. Please ensure you attend the briefing relevant to your wave start – you should be in full kit and ready to begin.

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