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With just over six weeks to go until SOBC, we’re delighted to have Chris Roberts, British Triathlon Federation High Performing Coach blogging for us. Look out for his weekly blog #TriathlonThursday.

Chris joined Farnham Triathlon Club in 2000 and since then has become a self-confessed triathlon addict! He’s competed in all distances from sprint through to middle distance and now focuses on coaching. 

Chris is a qualified Level 3 coach with the British Triathlon Federation and is a British Triathlon and Sports Coach UK facilitator, assessor and mentor. He’s particularly interested in sports psychology and motivation, and loves seeing the excitement as people achieve more than they expected. 

It's all about Preparation, 15 August 2019

Welcome to the first of my #TriathlonThursday SoBC blogs. My aim, over the next few weeks, is to prepare you for the challenge you’re taking on at this year’s SoBC. It doesn’t matter if you’re participating in a single element in a relay team, a run, or a Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon, or working on the ‘fourth discipline’ of a triathlon - transition. And whether you’re doing it for the first time or the 10th time, there are things that everyone needs to think about....

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Are you training hard enough? 22 August 2019

So you’ve got a training plan in place – great stuff! – but are you training at the right level? Could you do more? There are three levers for managing your training:

  1. Frequency – how often do you do it?
  2. Duration – how long do you do it for?
  3. Intensity – how hard you do it?

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Swimming - the first leg, 29 August 2019

It’s #TriathlonThursday and week 3 of our Spirit of Belron Blog. Today, I discuss how to have a relaxed and enjoyable open water swim.

Swimming in open water gives me a real feeling of freedom, but even those of us who swim regularly have moments of anxiety. If there’s a venue near you that organises open water swims, I’d recommend giving it a try. They’re very welcoming, and helpful. You can also hire a wetsuit to practise in.

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Transition - the fourth discipline, 5 September 2019

This week we’re talking about what’s often referred to as the fourth triathlon discipline – transition. Transition is important in both triathlon and duathlon and it’s the handover point for teams.

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Jump on your bike! 12 September 2019

This week I’m discussing the planning, preparation and training for the longest leg of the triathlon – the cycle.

Before I continue, with just a few weeks to go, now is a good time to check back and see what progress you are making and think about any changes you’d like to make – remember to record it in a training diary.

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The last leg, 19 September 2019

I was looking back at my first blog which included some ideas about training – I hope these have helped you build up to the distance you’ve signed up to. Whether you’re running for the triathlon, duathlon, half or team marathon, or 5km, I’ve included some technique tips in this blog that will work for everyone.

With just 10 days until the event, you should now be running regularly and feeling comfortable with the distance that you will be doing. If you are still building up to the distance, that’s fine too. The easiest way to complete the full distance is to run and walk, and reduce the walking little by little.

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The final days before the race, 26 September 2019

You’ve planned and prepared for the Spirit of Belron Challenge and now the day has arrived.

With over 1400 people participating, it’s a great chance to enjoy meeting up with fellow competitors, colleagues and friends. And you’re all there with a common purpose. You are taking part in an event that is making a huge difference to Afrika Tikkun.  

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