Alexander Ott

Alexander Ott

  • Job title: Branch Manager
  • Country: Germany
  • Length of service: 6 years

Passionate and highly motivated, Alex has successfully faced every challenge that has come his way. On a daily basis Alex gives his all and is always happy to lend a hand whenever someone is in need.

In October 2015, Alex responded admirably to a critical situation by assuming responsibility for a Service Centre, some 220 kilometres from his home. During his first months there, Alex had to deal with a difficult employee situation. Yet by being the supportive leader he is, Alex kept his employees motivated and built up an incredible team spirit. Colleagues old and new describe Alex as an inspiring and genuine mentor who is constantly caring for others’ needs.

His personality and driven attitude has had a positive impact on people around him. Alex encourages his colleagues to leave their comfort zone; giving them the chance to develop themselves further and reach higher goals. He values his colleagues’ ideas and opinions and implements their suggestions for improvement wherever possible.

His commitment to giving back is evident in the number of fundraising actions he’s taken, including organising a blood donation event in which 60 people took part and 500 euros was raised for the Giving Back foundation.