Andrea Taylor

Andrea Taylor

  • Job title: Strategic Account Manager (Individual Contributor)
  • Country: USA
  • Length of service: 24 years

In 2017, a milestone was reached for our business - Andrea Taylor landed one of the largest contracts Safelite has been awarded over the past five years.

With her ability to earn trust and educate her clients on the value of a well-handled claim, Andrea achieved her goal after a very long journey. She started with establishing strong, trusting relationships and helping those individuals see opportunities within their existing programme. Identifying the service gaps that a client currently has isn’t always evident to them. That’s because on the surface things seem to be progressing rather smoothly — until someone like Andrea methodically leads them to realise that good can be great.

This didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it was close to five years ago when Andrea’s main contact at the insurance company left the business and she found herself starting over with a new executive. Again, she worked to build a trusting relationship and educated her new business partner on opportunities that existed in their organisation and the solutions Safelite provide which could help them to improve.

Finally, thanks to her service mindset, great listening skills, and relentless commitment to her clients, she landed this account after more than 19 determined years.