Andrew Bellows

Andrew Bellows

  • Job title: Quality Manager
  • Country: USA
  • Length of service: 18 years

For Andrew, helping others achieve success is his key responsibility as a leader. He knows that delivering an extraordinary customer experience begins with creating a great associate experience.

Recently, when a deaf associate named Tony joined the team, Andrew wanted to ensure his onboarding experience made him feel welcomed, supported, and most importantly, valued. So, with pure ingenuity, he embarked on a creative journey to accommodate Tony’s needs.

First, Andrew put his tech skills to good use by manually converting training videos to feature closed captions. He modified text to include industry-specific words to expedite Tony’s learning and made flashcards to help him study and retain what he was learning.

Next, he contacted a local agency and enlisted the help of a sign language expert to interpret training information. With Tony’s permission, he invited his wife (also deaf) to the store in order to help them both fully understand the features and benefits of health care plans, enabling them to make the right choice for their family.

Today, Tony is happy, engaged and performing very well. And the videos Andrew edited are currently available and being used to help train others who are hearing impaired.