António Lourenço

António Lourenço

  • Job title: Branch Manager
  • Country: Portugal
  • Length of service: 17 years

Business Unit: Carglass® 

António is one of Carglass® Portugal’s most experienced technicians and is also the Guarda branch manager. He performs his own job to a very high standard yet still makes a point of reading all the complaints registered in the system.

He has been nominated by several people, a demonstration of how popular he is across the business.

António is an invaluable support contact for several colleagues. Neighbouring branches have nominated him because he is always supportive and willing to share knowledge. Other branch managers know they can count on António whenever they need technical advice. He also helps the after-sales department, using his expertise to track difficult materials and glass.

One sales representative who put António forward said that, for solving delicate problems for key accounts, António is indeed the man; things like finding special or rare glass or helping with classic cars.

And then there is his proactive concern for the business. António was responsible for developing the money-saving, reusable wire tool Easy-Wire®, which has now been implemented in all of Portugal’s branches.