Bayram Sisman

Bayram Sisman

  • Job title: Mobile Technician
  • Country: Turkey
  • Length of service: 9 years

Excellent technical skills combined with a positive attitude towards customers and colleagues is just some of what makes Bayram so special. He is a pillar of the operations team - scrupulous about paper work, respectful of company guidelines and values, engaging and hardworking. An experienced ‘buddy’, Byram has also helped develop many new technicians.

Chosen as one of the first two mobile technicians in the ‘Central Mobile Project’, late in 2015, Bayram’s contribution to the success of the project is undeniable. In just two years fleet jobs increased by 117%, making us by far the market leader in the fleet business. His exceptional service quality and excellent relationships with customers and Key Accounts have helped us become sole providers for many fleet companies.

Day-to-day, it isn’t unusual for Bayram to be completing 15-20 repairs and replacements per day, or travelling to faraway towns to solve a customer’s problem, all while completing the daily paperwork to a high standard. And he never forgets the importance of achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Bayram’s consistent exceptional performance was crowned by the true engagement and sacrifice he showed when an extraordinary hailstorm hit Istanbul, requiring the full commitment of the whole team.