Chris Cormier

Chris Cormier

  • Job title: Senior Technician
  • Country: USA
  • Length of service: 5 years

Chris is a mobile pro and no stranger to working alone. You might say he’s got entrepreneurial spirit. Located in the remote market of Spokane Washington, Christopher doesn’t have the benefit of team members in the immediate area, or the convenience of a store location nearby to provide support. Yet this long-term performer is known for solving problems, producing outstanding results, and delighting customers with his Safelite Spirit.

As an individual contributor, it’s one thing to master your own domain. It’s quite another to help others do the same.

Chris created a peer-to-peer ride along mentoring programme that helps technicians see the difference between a good and a great customer experience. The technicians he’s helping are showing improvement in performance and metrics.

Because of the success Christopher has had with technicians in his area, other stores are taking his lead in developing their own peer-to-peer, ride along mentoring programmes at their stores. The value of passing forward knowledge to help others be successful is clearly making a difference.