Daniel Davies

Daniel Davies

  • Job title: Lead Technician
  • Country: UK
  • Length of service: 12 years

Business Unit: Autoglass® UK

Dan is one of the top performing technicians in his region. His results never dip. He is engaged, team-focused, an excellent planner and takes full ownership when needed.

Recent changes mean that his district now operates out of a Mini Distributions Centre as one very large unit. And, as Lead Technician, Dan has had to develop his knowledge, style and leadership techniques to ensure he has the full backing of 24 technicians and the other business units based there. He supports all of these business units at the drop of a hat whenever asked, without compromising his own team’s performance. Site visitors comment on his can-do attitude, politeness and professionalism. And it’s no coincidence that his high performing team is usually at the top of the business results. Site standards, cycle counting, van audits, trainee supports, self-assessments – Dan’s involved in them all.

Once, when Dan became aware of a social media complaint going on in another district that no other technician was able to cover, he collected the glass and drove 1.5 hours after his shift to complete the job. The result was a very happy customer who was over the moon at being able to continue with their plans.