District 21 Team

District 21 Team

  • Country: Italy

Team members:
Manuel Villa
Nicola Zanoccoli
Yains Stevens Pedrotti
Carlo Maestrello
Manuel Terracciano

The idea of communicating with his team through a newspaper was always Manuel’s desire. He had tried to do it in the past, bringing together a collection of the most interesting car news in a photocopied publication called ‘Speedy news’. However, the paper mode, with the increase in the number of branches, became unsustainable.

A little while later and changes in technology meant that everyone in the company got an email account and a smartphone. Although this brought new ways to communicate, the District 21 team soon realised that many communications were not being read. Then an idea by Carlo Maestrello led to the team defining a communication and editorial strategy, and the District 21 newspaper was born.

The newspaper, also available on mobile, is designed to be read during a coffee break. The idea is to update the district with simple and direct language. The newspaper took the name District 21 because it identifies the newspaper's monthly release date as well as being the number of the district that created it. The 21st of each month has become a highly anticipated date, with colleagues looking forward to receiving the newspaper, reading updates, and seeing how the different teams are doing.