Ferenc Lipcsei

Ferenc Lipcsei

  • Job title: Operations Support
  • Country: Hungary
  • Length of service: 4 years (3 as student)

Right from the off Ferenc impressed everyone with his quick learning and creativity - even redesigning long-established branch processes to improve their efficiency. And he soon gained popularity amongst his peers for his open mindedness and helpful personality.

Even though his was a purely administrative role, Ferenc mastered both windscreen repairs and preparing replacement jobs, taught by the technicians in his branch. He was then able to help out, significantly increasing the productivity and customer satisfaction in his branch, all while still fulfilling his actual role to a high standard. Uniquely, Ferenc often managed the repair process from end to end. Welcoming the customer, performing the service, doing the administration and invoicing, all himself.

But perhaps Ferenc’s greatest accomplishment was in setting the new standard for internal employee engagement and interactions. He proactively listened to the needs of other business departments and either tailored his branch’s processes to seamlessly integrate with theirs or guided them to accommodate those of his branch.

Often seen as an envoy between different areas of the business, he has earned recognition across the business unit and the well-deserved title of branch supporter, assisting the entire business in both internal and supplier communication.