Jessica Harrison

Jessica Harrison

  • Job title: Automotive Technician
  • Country: Australia
  • Length of service: 22 months

Jessica started with the business in 2016 as a fresh-faced trainee, her only work experience was as a barista at a local café. In her first interview, Jessica described herself as someone who is always willing to try a new experience and jump into things full steam ahead. And that is exactly what we’ve seen in Jessica since the day she started!

After spending some time with the Technical Trainer and learning from the leading hand and other senior technicians in the Southport Branch, Jessica’s thirst for knowledge saw her working onsite alone after just six months. Her enthusiasm was palpable and from the start she handled the challenge with minimal trouble.

In the two years of Jessica’s employment, she has shown her dedication, determination and true passion for the role. This was evident in 2017 when, without hesitation, she volunteered to assist in the ‘Sydney Storm’ and also travelled to New Zealand to help our compatriots when they were short staffed. Both were two-week stints away from family and friends, which Jessica took in her stride, happily helping her colleagues in need.

Jessica was a competitor in the 2017 Best of Australia QLD competition and also appeared in a Red Bull/O’Brien Autoglass® challenge in 2016.