John Karvounis

John Karvounis

  • Job title: Mobile Technician
  • Country: Greece
  • Length of service: 7 years

John started as a branch technician but was soon promoted to mobile technician thanks to his technical capabilities, ability to work on his own and his customer service oriented approach.

No matter the daily challenges he faces, John handles every job on his own. Driving to the customers, solving their problem and taking care of all the administrative tasks in every job is not always easy in a city like Athens. But John has a talent for problem solving and an ability to create memorable customer experiences.

Politeness, flexibility and self-motivation are characteristics that make John an exceptional mobile technician, valued by our customers. He receives an unprecedented number of thank you letters from delighted customers. Words used time and again by customers describing John include: professional; polite; pleasant; great; friendly; caring.

John also has great problem-solving abilities, which is extremely handy in the challenging world of mobile fitting. He successfully completes each job first time so there are no additional actions, making his time as productive as possible. Whatever the circumstances, John focuses on solving the customer’s problems.

His approach, character and overall performance were recognised by Carglass® Greece in 2016 when John was awarded with the Exceptional Customer Service Award.