John Twohill

John Twohill

  • Job title: Branch Manager
  • Country: Australia
  • Length of service: 7 years

The energy, passion and commitment John brings to the business every day is simply extraordinary, and he is recognised amongst our business as not only being a great leader, but also a ‘great guy’.

John began 2016 by both supporting his own team at the Lambton Branch, and caretaking the Darwin Branch, some 3,000 kilometres away. He was responsible for the recruitment of six members of staff and played a supporting role in the selection of the new Branch Manager. And then, when the new Branch Manager started, John provided critical coaching and mentoring throughout the onboarding process.

Despite spending a significant time travelling and away from his home branch, he still managed to keep his Lambton team engaged and motivated and continuing to deliver exceptional results.

In April 2016, John introduced a new project in the Lambton branch, opening up a whole new customer base in the wholesale market. John helped to develop the job profiles, service models and delivery runs, to provide an unrivalled customer journey. John also took on the role of Regional Change Champion for a major transformation project, which again required him to spend time away from his branch, training the wider team members.