Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson

  • Job title: Technician
  • Country: UK
  • Length of service: 12 months

Kevin has shown an immense amount of determination, drive and enthusiasm since joining as an Advanced Level Technician, achieving Expert level within six months. Kevin takes pride in every job completed and consistently goes above and beyond expectations, working late and coming in early so that customers are served quicker. He also takes on additional jobs to avoid customer complaints and escalations. Kevin naturally displays care for our customers and the drive to be the best in absolutely everything he does.

He regularly goes out his way to ensure customers are served on their first appointment and has a much lower than average rate of jobs that were not successfully completed first time round, highlighting his care, drive and determination to get things done right first time for his customers.

He also consistently over-achieves on productivity and has one of the best productivity scores in the district. His customer service scores are also always ‘Excellent’.

Kevin has remained driven in his role, despite some extreme personal challenges, and has continued to come to work serving customers with a positive and friendly attitude and smile, and he is always willing to the extra mile for the customer.