Marta Dias

Marta Dias

  • Job title: Marketing Specialist
  • Country: Portugal
  • Length of service: 10 years

Marta Dias is probably one of the most inspiring people in Carglass® Portugal. She has a genuine concern for people and voluntarily gives up her free time to champion solidarity causes.

One-by-one, she started sharing stories about people in need and asking for small contributions towards helping them, and suddenly all over Carglass®, employees are now actively helping. Colleagues have been so inspired by Marta's social initiatives they have followed her lead. The snowball effect was so big that the company created the project ‘We Carglass®’, led by Marta, where people voluntarily donate part of their salaries every month. And colleagues can also be found participating in all kinds of voluntary projects including:

  • Weekly food distribution for the homeless.
  • Collect toys donations to make sure every child has a present under the Christmas tree.
  • Personal involvement with the families of kids with cancer, providing not only financial help but care and love.
  • Collecting plastic bottle caps to trade for wheelchairs.
  • Collecting winter clothes for the homeless.
  • Leading initiatives for Afrika Tikkun donations.

Marta is involved in all of this on top of her regular job and is inspiring employees across the company to care.