Miguel Castaño

Miguel Castaño

  • Job title: Hub Picker
  • Country: Spain
  • Length of service: 2 years

Miguel has been a picker for the last three years but is also a self-styled handyman. It all started two years ago when he got so fed up with the stitching machine not working properly that he set about adapting it to work in a better way for his colleagues. He has unofficially been in charge of making life easier ever since!

Always on the lookout for ways to improve things, Miguel has been given the freedom to tinker in his spare time. In the polishing area Miguel has replaced the inadequate stand used to support glass. In its place, he’s designed and built a professional polishing stand that is illuminated, well supported and much more ergonomic.

Changing the batteries of the ‘collection-order bikes’ had become difficult because the machine and the support were of slightly different heights and didn’t line up. So, Miguel made a pallet truck for changing batteries in a convenient, quick and easy way.

Miguel is a hero in his colleagues’ eyes, because he tries (and succeeds) to make their world a better place. Not only that, he is improving efficiency, reducing wasted time, delivering cost savings, and minimising accidents.