Mike Beesley

Mike Beesley

  • Job title: Warehouse Manager
  • Country: Canada
  • Length of service: 21 years

Mike is an exceptional blend of someone who cares for his staff and customers, and a great leader with impressive business acumen.

Mike has built excellent partnerships with his internal customers and is well connected to franchisees and independent service providers. He has done this by solving their problems, following up on concerns and working with feedback. He is a great communicator and provides clear expectations to customers.

When the Scarborough warehouse was closed and merged into the Mississauga location, approximately 45 minutes’ drive away, Mike led the change through open and regular communication with his team. And despite the extra commuting time, all employees remained on board. With an additional eight employees now under his responsibility, Mike and his team then set about reorganising the entire Mississauga warehouse to incorporate over 2,000 parts brought over from Scarborough.

Mike was also integral to the success of a project that reduced the number of deliveries made to corporate locations, helping to ease in the new approach with skilful leadership, resulting in great cost savings.

These accomplishments are a true testimony to Mike's unwavering dedication to leading his team with a clear vision and to his exceptional care for his customers.