Munich Airport Team

Munich Airport Team

  • Country: Germany

Team members and length of service:

Florian Ziegler: 6 years
Thomas Röhrig: 7 years 
Daniel Bader-Lang: 11 years
Michael Polednia: 1 year
Tobias Reiher: 5 years

“Making the impossible possible” is the Munich Airport Team’s mission statement and they have truly lived up to this mission with a new customer acquisition for Carglass® Germany.

For many years, Carglass® was losing business share in the car rental sector at Munich airport. Small vendors were able to offer clients lower prices and efforts to convince decision makers a car rental company to switch to Carglass® all seemed to be in vain.

But the Munich Airport Team demonstrated great team spirit, ambition and the willingness to go that extra mile. Exemplary collaboration, high commitment, great relationship management, and operational expertise made the decisive difference in this highly competitive area. The Munich Airport Team accepted a three-month trial period, initially agreeing to use Carglass® for 50% of their opportunities within this test period. But within the first four weeks, they were so satisfied with the service that they increased the job share to almost 70 percent.

This is a great example of these individuals’ exceptional teamwork, commitment and customer orientation. This team has proven that genuine, caring and especially collaborative and driven behaviour can lead to huge success and a long-term customer relationship.