Safelite Team: Denver Hail Storm

Safelite Team: Denver Hail Storm

  • Country: USA

Team members and length of service:       

Erik Carruth – 17             Dennis Gallegos - 11

Tom Johnson – 14          Amanda Peden- 11

Norm Greer- 39               Jordan Gutierrez - 6

Karen Torres - 22            Richard Sutherland - 10

Rick Skeen -19               Sabra Taylor- 6

Loren McGlone - 18         Barret Grant -  2

Todd Dull – 9                  Tate Lutt -  8

Chris Domenici - 16         Chad Cutler - 10

Murry Hamilton- 9             Troy Baune- 19

Erich Ebbinghaus - 8

When a hail storm hit Denver, Colorado on May 8, 2017, it was a catastrophic event. That evening, and into the next day, Safelite experienced its highest day of online orders in the company’s history. Under Erik Carruth’s leadership, the team rallied around a shared purpose, determined that the right thing to do to help their customers was to own the process themselves, even though that meant making personal sacrifices.

Continuously operational for 19 days straight and with the team working 18-hour days, they were committed to communicating with customers quickly and efficiently. The team called on local markets to support the exponential customer demand. Additionally, 46 team members came from across the country to help.

Knowing this would be a lengthy catastrophic event, the market pulled together with strong communication to keep team members informed, focused, and energised throughout their long shifts. The team also had to take care of its own, ensuring that visiting associates received cash per diems for food and personal needs and providing them with hotels and transportation.

Even in a catastrophic event, teams can only perform like this if they have the firm foundation of a healthy, high performing culture with great people and great leadership.