Safelite Team: Ontario DC Leadership

Safelite Team: Ontario DC Leadership

  • Country: USA

Team members and length of service:

Alfredo Guerrero - 8 years
Joseph Rodriguez - 7 years
Roberto Gonzalez - 7 years
Michael Lamas - 8 years

Hired within a year of each other, this team of leaders bonded quickly, united by a shared leadership approach that has been both welcomed and embraced by associates. Engagement scores are repeatedly off the charts and people turnover is almost non-existent. They’re also doing great work in the community and ultimately having a significant long-term impact on the business.

The team’s commitment to caring for their people, building trust and cultivating a close-knit family atmosphere - both at work and within their community – has lead to some amazing results. Their efforts in recycling wooden pallets recently resulted in a $40,000 contribution to the bottom line. They have had a 100% participation rate in the last three Give Big campaigns. They also have a 100% participation rate in charity days where they pack backpacks with food for children in transitional living, build bikes for foster kids, reunite siblings at Disneyland, feed families in homeless shelters, host clothing and food drives and much more.

And they know how to have fun when team building, an example of which being their ‘fork lift rodeo’ where over 50 operators rack up scores on safety as well as their ability to navigate obstacles without error.