Safelite Team: Rio Rancho Opening

Safelite Team: Rio Rancho Opening

  • Country: USA

Team members and length of service:

Cherilyn Irwin – 18
Meghan Blouir - 9
Candace Ramsey - 8
Jenna Braskett - 12
Stephanie Henley - 5
Grace Drye - 3
Barbara Kelley - 7

In February 2017, Safelite opened its largest contact centre to date in record time in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Preparing to staff an operation of this magnitude requires the leadership of a small but mighty core team. The recruiting process started in October 2016. The challenge: hire and train more than 500 staff.

One concern became immediately evident: The contact centre couldn’t be occupied until opening day, so the team needed to find alternative spaces for recruiting and training. Securing a long-term contract with a local hotel, they arranged open houses and job fairs in its ballroom and conference rooms. They also identified training spaces at the local college and other venues.

While the new contact centre was being renovated from floor to ceiling, this team was pulling out all of the stops to attract top talent. From radio advertising to flyers, newspapers, billboards, and more, they quickly let the Rio Rancho community know that Safelite was coming to town, and found innovative ways to promote the many employment opportunities being offered. Ninety days after the doors opened, more than 800 newly hired associates were trained, hired, and answering calls — 300 above the original staffing projection.