Stavros Geladas

Stavros Geladas

  • Job title: Fleet Account Manager
  • Country: Greece
  • Length of service: 7 years

Stavros’s commitment, passion for results and strong customer-centred attitude led to the growth of what was, at the time, an underdeveloped Fleet Account function. His strong will and determination saw him open a new customer base of professional vehicles owned by big companies, such as supermarkets, industries, municipalities, construction companies etc.

Stavros’s activities span everything from presenting Carglass® and its services to fleet managers, to inspecting vehicles, and completing the work to the customers’ satisfaction. In fact, for the first three years, Stavros carried out all the repair jobs himself, in order to introduce the company’s services and build a solid and loyal customer base.

Due to the nature of the clientele, to inspect the vehicles (trucks, construction vehicles, etc), Stavros often has obstacles to overcome - from bad weather conditions to challenging places such as mountains, cliffs or isolated rural areas - and most of the time would be working outside of normal hours. He delivers service wherever and whenever it is needed, even during the night on Saturdays and Sundays.

Through his persistence, commitment and enthusiasm, Stavros has opened 250 new customer accounts and, in a six-year period, more than doubled the number of fleet jobs.