Supply Chain Team

Supply Chain Team

  • Country: Switzerland

Team members and length of service:
Vyes Lehmuller 9 years
Nicolas Widolf 1 year
Julien Lehmuller 2 years
Martial Defranould 4 years
Guy Lehmuller 15 years

This team of pickers in the glass distribution centre in Basel are the backbone of our operation, working behind the scenes of our branches. They are the 'silent heroes' doing an extraordinary job to provide the right glass at the right time to the right place.

In 2017’s high season, they really had their work cut out for them when the transport company they used unexpectedly went bankrupt. There were inevitably delays in deliveries, impacting heavily on internal processes and daily schedules. Deliveries to branches were arriving late, damaged or at the wrong destination. The team stepped up, working late into the evenings to keep the supply chain to branches running as smooth as possible. Where needed they arranged immediate workarounds so customers were not affected.

Even though they are not customer facing, their hard work and expertise doesn’t go unnoticed by their internal customers, who know that one very important reason why the technicians are able to deliver great service is because of the good glass quality. Across Carglass® Switzerland, branch managers, customer care agents, the CC team leader and both regional managers continually express their gratitude for the outstanding service delivered daily by the pickers from the supply chain distribution centre.