Team Guimarães

Team Guimarães

  • Country: Portugal

Team members and length of service:
Franck Dumaire - 17 Years
Dinis Pereira - 25 Years

Franck and Dinis work at our branch in Guimarães. Both are true heroes. They have an outstanding spirit and good vibe working together and that is reflected in the way they are ambassadors for our purpose every single day. Customers say that they are very professional and work with great joy.

The pair are so focused on their customers that they often work after hours - weekends, evenings or during holidays - just to meet customer needs.

Customer feedback is phenomenal. In May, Carglass® Portugal implemented an appraisal book in branches. In just five months Frank has received 41 written appraisals and Dinis has received 40. This level of customer experience performance is benchmarked all over the world, and it really creates a great standard for other colleagues to follow.

The two are four-times winners of ‘Best Customer Experience Branch of the Year’.