Thodoris Mparmpoutis

Thodoris Mparmpoutis

  • Job title: Technical Trainer
  • Country: Greece
  • Length of service: 12 years

Thodoris joined as a technician but was soon given responsibility for the branch workshop. He earned promotion to the role of technical trainer before taking on overall responsibility for the entire technical department. Now he manages the technical training activity of 62 technicians.

Thodoris formed a team of four master technicians, responsible for supporting the branch network alongside their local duties. This has made a significant impact on the speed of response to the needs of the 62 technicians, as well as the overall support available to branches.

Thodoris is constantly trying to be innovative, always challenging and searching for new opportunities. Focusing on technician safety and efficiency, he designed an ergonomic stand for placing the broken windscreens on once they are detached from the customers’ vehicles. By using this stand, technicians no longer have to bend the screen towards the vehicle in order to take the final photos (required by insurance companies) and can avoid lifting the glass to the disposal container.

Thodoris is not only a trustworthy advisor on the technical side of the business, but also a team player with great coaching skills and a passion for high standards and the technicians’ continued development.