Cyrielle Ducolombier

Cyrielle Ducolombier

  • Job title: Advertising Manager
  • Country: France
  • Length of service: 2 years

Cyrielle showed remarkable creativity, drive and commitment when she produced a 20-second recruitment advert for TV that generated 1,500 applications after four days on air.

When Carglass® France urgently needed to recruit 200 technicians, Cyrielle proposed an innovative solution, which she then planned and executed in record time. With a limit of just 70 words to get the Carglass® message across to potential candidates, Cyrielle came up with an effective story that perfectly reflected both our brand identity and the image we wanted to get across of Carglass® as an employer.

She then guided our ambassador and background actors through what proved to be an unforgettable experience, of which they are particularly proud.

It was an excellent product and the result exceeded all expectations:

  • 2,900 applications received in under two weeks
  • 212 new employees hired during the campaign
  • A pool of potential candidates in areas where we usually experience a shortage
  • A surprising level of recognition and interest at recruitment fairs

The fantastic response to this first TV recruitment campaign was a tribute to Cyrielle’s rigour and pursuit of excellence and a valuable learning curve for Carglass®.