Emeric Contesse

Emeric Contesse

  • Job title: Team Leader, Valenciennes
  • Country: France
  • Length of service: 5 years

Troubled by unsatisfactory customer satisfaction scores, Emeric decided to create a handbook and set of role play storylines to help employees up their game. It did the job. Every employee in the region received a copy and one month after it launched, customer service scores across the region had improved dramatically.

The handbook is valued by technicians of all levels of experience:

“When I did my mobile fitting training my Centre Manager gave me my handbook. At first, on your own, you’re a bit lost. I checked the handbook before going to the customer for the vehicle acceptance phase, so I didn’t forget any important questions. I did the same before returning the vehicle, I checked it to make sure I didn’t forget anything in the vehicle delivery phase.”

“Now that I’ve got more experience, I don’t use it quite as much. But I do still use it because I’ve added some notes.”

“The handbook is great! There are targets to be reached, checklists and safety information. Impossible to go wrong!”