Anastahsios Spanos

Anastahsios Spanos

  • Job title: Fitter
  • Country: Germany
  • Length of service: 12 years

Saky is the embodiment of a positive, genuine and unselfish attitude. It can be seen throughout the course of his professional career at Carglass®.

Saky started as a mechanic and quickly impressed with his work ethic. He soon developed into a top fitter and, in 2009, accepted the challenge to lead a large station at Carglass® Switzerland. He mastered this task very successfully and built up an incredible team spirit. In 2013, Saky returned to Germany as a Branch Manager, covering for absent branch managers in his region.

Achieving high results and impressing with his positive energy and mindset, Saky made an outstanding impression internally and indeed had a bright future ahead of him. But personal circumstances forced him to rethink his career goals. Putting his own ambitions to one side and his children’s welfare first, Saky started working as a fitter once again.

This humbleness is true of Saky’s caring and unselfish character, and it’s what makes him such an exceptional person and role model. Saky shows that optimism and motivation can make a difference in life.

Saky inspires the people around him. His potential and talent are still seen daily by his colleagues, and everyone benefits from it.