Johannes Sprenger

Johannes Sprenger

  • Job title: Branch Manager
  • Country: Germany
  • Length of service: 7 years

Joe is a great role model when it comes to effective teambuilding and building up branches to operate at maximum effectiveness. He started his career as a fitter and has shown full commitment and zeal in everything he has done. Today, he leads our largest branch in Germany.

Due to the high demand in the region, branches often have to run without a manager. This can mean that the working environment and team spirit in these branches benefit greatly from a boost. And that’s where Joe comes in. He is able to reshape the teams and boost employees’ commitment. He achieves this through his exemplary communication and through gaining the employees’ trust. He cares for his colleagues and interacts with all of them on a personal level.

No matter when, where and how Joe is deployed, his work always bears fruit. Last year alone, Joe worked with four branches to get them working at a high professional standard in a very short amount of time. He even fundamentally transformed two branches simultaneously.

Joe has also been working with support agencies in Munich to find ways for people with disabilities to become part of the Carglass® family and take on meaningful roles.