Michael Lutterbeck

Michael Lutterbeck

  • Job title: Branch Manager
  • Country: Germany
  • Length of service: 10 years

When Michael took on the additional role of interim manager at another branch, he took on a team facing a number of challenges. Accepting these challenges head on he gave his absolute best to inspire his new team. He set about rebuilding the team spirit and establishing a working atmosphere where his employees could really flourish. Michael wanted to make it so that everyone enjoyed going to work. He encouraged them to push themselves and take on new challenges.

Michael introduced a feedback culture in which everyone was invited to give and receive feedback. This not only created a trust-based relationship but also offered his colleagues the opportunity to continue to learn and improve.

During his nine-week tenure he transformed the working process and brought fun back into the workplace for the employees, who are now a strong team. As a consequence, the branch’s customer services (NPS) scores increased from 79.2% to 83.9%.

But his biggest impact has been on the employees he has motivated, trained, coached and inspired. They say “Everything is better - the leadership, the structure, his authority. Michael radiates motivation, he's up for anything.” and “Thanks to Michael, we’re all supporting each other again.”