Sales Power Team

Sales Power Team

  • Country: Germany
  • Length of service: Sarah Wirbel: 1.5 years, Franziska Schneider: 5 years

Sarah and Franziska have developed a remarkable team spirit which has had a really positive impact on their region. The strength of their collaboration and communication is borne out by the transparency, honesty and trust they have in one another. Even in critical situations they find a way to motivate each other by being attentive and caring.

They maintain close relationships with their insurance partners, going above and beyond to take care of their needs and concerns. Regional Sales Managers are expected to visit 800 customers a year. Both Sarah and Franziska have exceeded this, making over 1,000 visits last year.

Both have high standards and this is really noticeable when it comes to data maintenance and onboarding of new colleagues. The team has helped to develop new sales standards for supporting new colleagues to reach consistency.

Franziska and Sarah motivate and integrate all employees with their inspiring attitude and infectious enthusiasm and, thanks to them, employees are highly motivated and committed. But they also notice when somebody is feeling uncomfortable and take the time to have a conversation with them. It is clear that the well-being of their colleagues is genuinely important to them both.