Sebastian Sulz

Sebastian Sulz

  • Job title: Team Lead of Planning Team Hessen
  • Country: Germany
  • Length of service: 12 years

Sebastian Sulz is a prime example of someone who has made significant progress both personally and professionally. He has turned his profession into his passion and with this, he makes a difference every day at Carglass®.

A caring and motivating leader, Sebastian is a role model for his team, managing diverse tasks and genuinely caring for everyone at the same time.

In mid-2017, it became evident that Sebastian needed professional skills in IT programming and software, so Carglass® gave him the opportunity to enhance his skills in this area. Since then and in addition to his daily tasks, he has used his new skills to improve national planning and operations, driving corporate development for Carglass® and his own personal growth simultaneously.

In recognition of his dedication and outstanding abilities, he was given another role – that of National Trainee Planner. In this role, Sebastian has revolutionised the planning of trainees through a trainer portal, which he built himself. He programmed this high-quality, complex system using his own initiative.

Sebastian always does more than is expected of him, and the fact that he holds several challenging roles and inspires others with his personal commitment and passion, shows what an exceptional person he is.