Team Moers

Team Moers

  • Country: Germany
  • Length of service: Sergej Makelki: 10 years, Björn van Alphen: 9 years, Tanja Dobbert: 9 years, Andre Scheller: 6 years, Eugen Kotljar: 2 years, Christian Nühlen: 1 year

Team Moers is exemplary for the high standard of their work, their amazing team spirit and the fact that they honestly care for each other. 

A project to increase the efficiency and turnover per working hour was almost compromised by the tragic death of an employee’s father, who was also a close friend of the Carglass® family. The team was determined the project should still be implemented quickly, but they responded so carefully and sensitively to their colleague’s situation, allowing their friend in need the space and time he needed.

Empathy and consideration for others are the first priorities for this team even when that meant that some team members had to take on more work. With this attitude, it is not surprising that the project was a complete success, and that the day-to-day business was also taken care of. This demonstrates how well this team holds together through adversity.

Alongside their extraordinary team spirit, the branch in Moers is characterised by its high standard of working. Even with a busy appointment calendar, they are always on hand to offer their help. Their helpfulness and work attitude are exemplary and they have an eye for the bigger picture.