Elias Kouros

Elias Kouros

  • Job title: Branch Manager - Technician
  • Country: Greece
  • Length of service: 2 years

When Elias started working for Carglass® Greece in January 2017, his initial role was doing technical jobs as well as handling the administrative work. From the very beginning Elias has progressed very quickly. His professionalism, hard work, sense of responsibility and genuine interest in his work and in solving customers’ problems has made a difference in the city of Patra.

Then, in May 2017, the operations in the Patra area were suddenly faced with a big challenge, when the manager in charge of both branches there left.

Elias immediately volunteered his full support, despite the fact that he was still fairly new. His lack of experience meant he had to spend a lot of extra hours at work, but he was determined to succeed, no matter how long it took him. He cancelled his holiday and didn’t take a single day off for the whole summer period, working six days a week.

In May 2018, Elias was promoted to branch manager in Patra. Since then, and due to his valuable contribution, the team in Patra has been delivering great customer service. This is evidenced by Patra’s 98% NPS (customer service) score since May 2018.