Tina Kelesakou

Tina Kelesakou

  • Job title: Marketing and Communications Supervisor
  • Country: Greece
  • Length of service: 7 years

Tina is a four times winner of the Carglass® Greece award for Customer Service and Extra Mile.

What really makes her stand out is her character, her genuine intentions to support colleagues from any department, and the excellent results she brings to every project. Her passion for positive results is her guiding star for every campaign or project she participates in or leads.

To minimise creative production costs Tina taught herself to use Adobe Illustrator, and now designs all corporate printed and digital material internally. She has also taken on the management of local radio buying and scheduling, doing the post-production editing herself, and she also produces internal videos for corporate events. Overall, these actions have led to a 15% saving on the annual marketing budget.

Tina also helped prepare the winning nomination for the National Customer Service Awards 2017, working long hours over the weekends to put together the visual part of the nomination.

She is also involved in projects such as the Digital Customer Portal and Customer Reviews. And, she initiated the idea of creating the online windscreen tints form on our website, which has subsequently received over 3,000 offer requests.