Gergely Dani

Gergely Dani

  • Job title: Technical Trainer
  • Country: Hungary
  • Length of service: 9 years

Geru has been keen on quality and precision from day one. The main rule he lives by is to make everything as efficient as possible with zero compromise in quality.

Having shifted from customer service to training our technicians, Geru is the first face of Carglass® for new employees. New hires spend three months under his sole supervision, learning the Belron® Way of Fitting. They generally describe this period as inspiring and feel gratified for having found such a great workplace. As one junior technician said: “After spending my first day with Geru, I knew that my search for the ideal workplace is over. Making it through the three months I know even that was an underestimation.”

Geru is always on the frontline bringing new knowledge and skills to the field. He does this naturally, with real enthusiasm and a sense of humour. He is a true believer of customer delight. His inspiration and excellence ultimately touch our customers through their interactions with our technicians.

Away from work, Geru dedicates a major part of his time to finding and rescuing animals in distress. Most days he and his wife will cross almost impassable terrain in his 4-wheel-drive to find and return lost dogs.