Hungarian Claims Handling Team

Hungarian Claims Handling Team

  • Country: Hungary
  • Length of service: Csaba Kabai: 6 months, Dóra Horvath: 3 years, Eszter Tornyai: 2.5 years, Géza Tornyai: 1.5 months, Ildikó Soltész: 5 years, Ildikó Vörӧs: 1 year, Lilla Pongárcz: 1 year, Zsófia Krisztin-Német: 2 years

The story of our Claims Handling Team is one of exemplary companionship, cooperation, responsibility and mutual effort.

Until recently the team was struggling with inefficiency and low productivity, hindered by out-of-date processes and a huge backlog. No-one was happy with the situation and everyone wanted it to change.

In a mutual and concerted effort, the team committed to an extended period of overtime to turn the tide and reduce the backlog, as well as reviewing their entire invoicing process, breaking down years of cemented habits. The result was astonishing: invoice throughput increased by 500% and within a month they had eliminated the out of date claims.

However, the biggest achievement was the level of engagement and team spirit that developed over the long weeks spent working together towards success. It made all the changes possible: the innovation, the ideas, and the engagement to do more and become smarter.

Now we have a Claims Handling Team with engaged people who radiate their inspiration all through the business unit. Their story is being told as an encouraging example, boosting the morale and faith in other areas of the business, not to mention our key accounts and customers enjoying a more professional experience.