Tony Hughes

Tony Hughes

  • Job title: Assistant Branch Manager
  • Country: Ireland
  • Length of service: 12.5 years

When Tony started as a technician in 2006, it quickly became clear that he had a great attitude towards his work and customers, and to the business, and he was soon promoted to a management role.

Now Tony remotely manages approximately 20 technicians. Each day he offers technical advice to technicians who call him seeking help. And he’ll often jump into a van to go and help with a job if they are finding it difficult.

Earlier this year Tony identified a way that the scheduling could be made more efficient. He came up with an idea that would reduce the amount of calls to our customers and instead get the customer booked up on the initial call to our contact centre. This required a huge change in mindset within the business, but Tony was determined. And the time he spent going over the process to help colleagues understand and feel comfortable with it has paid dividends.

Tony also spends time with new technicians giving them tips and hints, and he receives constant praise for being welcoming and caring. He’s also popular with the Contact Centre because he’s very helpful if they have an issue that needs dealing with quickly.